Arłamów Trójca Villas


The Arłamów Trójca Villas are a true haven for nature lovers looking for peace and tranquillity.  In the surrounding meadows graze flocks of deer and roe deer.  With a little luck you can meet lynx, wolf or golden eagle.

Wille Arłamów Trójca

If you are looking for a complete retreat we offer you the very picturesque Arłamów Trójca Villas, situated on the southern slopes of the Jaworów Mountains, 12 km from Arłamów. The Trójca accommodation is 4 atmospheric villas, built by the best carpenters from Podhale. In total, the villas in Trójca offer 44 beds in single and double rooms and suites. In each villa there are: large living room with fireplace, kitchen facilities, sauna and jacuzzi. In addition, there are two grill huts, a children’s playground and fish ponds in the Trójca.