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This is a closed zone in which saunas take on an original character. Start your journey to a world of relaxation in this amazing place. Relax after a busy day of everyday life. Moments spent in the heat zone, soothing music and aromas reinvigorate your body and mind.

  • aromatherapy Steam bath – a visit to a steam sauna improves immunity and overall health, relaxes tense muscles and adds energy
  • octagonal Finnish Sauna – a visit to the dry sauna allows elimination of the effects of overwork, helps to remove toxins from the body, improves circulation and induces a state of relaxation
  • ice sauna – the feeling of cold is enhanced by the mint ice breeze and the ice cubes that are rubbed on the body, it is the perfect place to cool the whole body after a session in a dry or steam sauna
  • ice well – bathing in the well brings to mind an ice bath, refreshing, stimulates circulation, restores balance after a dry sauna visit
  • relaxation and inhalation zone with salt wall – for all those wishing to relax and taste natural brine inhalations after a session in the sauna
  • panoramic sauna – a Finnish sauna that cleans the body and soul equally. Only in this sauna can you admire beautiful sunsets.
  • outdoor jacuzzi – the perfect place to cool and unwind after a visit to the saunas
  • studnia lodowa – kąpiel w studni przywodzi na myśl kąpiel w przeręblu, orzeźwia, pobudza krążenie, przywraca równowagę po wizycie w saunie suchej

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