Sacral monuments


One of the region’s greatest attractions is the churches – true gems of wooden architecture, beautifully integrated in the mountainous landscape.


„Bieszczady churches are characterised by a variety of architectural forms, typical of cultural borders.    
The most beautiful and most valuable Orthodox churches are:               
• Church in Ulucz – from 1659, one of the oldest wooden churches in Poland.
• Church in Równe – built at the beginning of the 17th century, now used as a church.
• Church in Hoszów – built in 1938 modelled on the Hutsul church in the so-called Ukrainian national style.
• Church in Smolnik – of Archangel St. Michael from 1791 (in 2013, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

There are also places where religious worship is particularly lively and attracts multitudes of the faithful. The most important centres of the pilgrimage cult are Kalwaria Pacławska and the shrine in Jasień (Ustrzyki Dolne).

Kalwaria Pacławska – The sanctuary of the Passion of the Lord and Our Lady and the monastery of the Franciscans from the 17th century are considered to be the „Jasna Góra” of the Podkarpackie province. In the church from the late Baroque of the Finding of the Holy Cross is the miraculous image of the Our Lady with Child, famous for favours, hailing from Kamenec Podolski. An integral part of the monastic ensemble is more than 40 Kalwaria chapels, located on the slopes of the monastic hill and in Wiar Valley. The Bieszczady Marian Shrine in Jasień (Ustrzyki Dolne) is the place where the object of worship is the 16th century icon of Our Lady of Rudecki, brought by displaced persons from Rudek near Lviv and enthroned in 1968 by Cardinal Karol Wojtyła.

Next to Arłamów is the oldest brick church in Poland, in Posada Rybotycka. Dating from the 15th century, the temple is a building unique in Poland. The uniqueness of this monument is its combination of Gothic-defensive architecture with Byzantine polychrome and the only medieval brick wall of iconostases in Poland.

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