Med Spa

Arłamów Med

ARŁAMÓW MED is a zone where our guests can take advantage of the beneficial properties of physiotherapy at the highest level in the world, using the most modern equipment.


The ARŁAMÓW MED offer includes, among others:

  • Thermotherapy (cryochamber, local cryotherapy, cooling pools)
  • Physical therapy (lamp exposure, electrostimulation, current therapies, shock wave therapies)
  • Hydrotherapy (peat/sulphide/pearl baths, chromotherapy)
  • Kinesitherapy (therapeutic methods, kinesiotaping)

ARŁAMÓW MED is recommended for anyone who wants to improve agility and regain vitality. For people of all ages who do not have time for prevention on a daily basis. With efficient solutions and modern medical equipment, you’ll quickly regain fitness under the guidance of qualified professionals.

Selected offers