Russian Banya


Our offer could not do without Ruthenian Bania, which is more than just a place for cleansing the body.


In the Russian tradition this is a hygiene treatment following to a particular ritual, combined with a social meeting. Using Russisn Banya according to the ritual primarily gives regeneration of vital forces, the elimination of stress and nervous tension, but also a place of unforgettable meetings among those close to you, or business talks in informal circumstances. It is an intimate, private area where raw wood, stone and spectacular views combine with a modern and comfortable interior – a zone that you can have exclusively to yourselves.

In the Russian Banya zone you will find:

  • banquet hall with fireplace and snooker table
  • dry Sauna – Russian Banya with a beautiful view of the surrounding nature
  • tsarist sauna with sauna ceremony table
  • indoor SPA bath with hydromassage
  • outdoor SPA bath with hydromassage
  • private Outdoor Terrace
  • relaxation Room
  • sensation showers, including a bucket of cold water

Here you will find solace, harmony and blissful rest.

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