The professional Arłamów Golf course is at your disposal.

The Golf Club is located in the hotel complex in the picturesque Jamna Valley. It is surrounded by beautiful woods and unspoilt nature.


There are two target greens, a huge driving range with a length of more than 300 m and a large difference in elevation with two covered platforms and huge grass platforms, and a training green with nine holes.

The conditions for practicing each type of stroke are very good.

The golf course consists of nine holes of par 3. They all have a very diverse character. The game is not monotonous. Heavily undulating greens are a challenge for players with different skills.

Each hole has two tee platforms – a further „yellow” (men’s) and a closer „red” (women’s and junior).

Arłamów Golf Club has a club house – it is open from 09.00 to dusk – with a bar offering hot and cold drinks and a wide choice of spirits. You can rent golf equipment, buy golf accessories and tokens for the driving range as well as relax.

Golf lessons are leisure and fun, the perfect idea for an attractive holiday in the mountains.

Price list of golf course


Hole No. 1 – Length 125 m (measured from the centre of the tee platform to the centre of the green). Beautiful green surrounded by a young spruce forest encourages the start of a golf round. The green is two-level, the second level is located lower and setting the flag here raises the difficulty of the game. Too long a shot is punished by a difficult exit from the woods. The right side of the hole is limited by a pond, and on the left – near the green – there is a nice, not too deep bunker.

Hole No. 2 – Length 139 m. The green is greatly elevated, undulating, and the left boundary of the hole is a young spruce forest. You have to be very skilled to get the first shot onto the green.

Hole No. 3 – Length 110 m. The green is protected in front by a small bunker. Too long a shot puts us in danger of putting the ball outside the field boundary, which no one likes. One of the easier holes on the field.

Hole No. 4 – Length 70 m. After a previously played hole of similar length this seems easy. It is not so simple. This one is played slightly from above, the green is not too big, strongly undulating and in addition located slightly crosswise. Two bunkers add emotion, and too long a shot can add pleasant time to the round looking for a ball in a high rough.

Hole No. 5 – Length 120 m. Presents itself very nicely by its picturesque shape. To the front of the green stretches a sizable bunker, and smaller ones collect the long shots at the back.

Hole No 6 – length 101 m. This is a big challenge again. The green has a large bunker at the front and is nestled on a hill, so the ball has a chance to roll to the right and back. A reasonable strategy seems to be playing safe to the left of the green and then chipping to the flag.

Hole Number 7 – Length 140 m. This has great viewing qualities. It is played in a forest clearing, slightly down. On the right side of the green and just behind it is a large slope complete with trees. A shallow bunker is located on the left side. The green is slightly inclined to the right. When you play up to the green slightly to the left, the ball rolls onto the green.

Hole No. 8 – Length 89 m. This is as beautiful as the seventh. It is located in a forest clearing and played slightly down. A sizable bunker this time is on the right side of the green.

Hole No. 9 – Length 66 m. The final hole seems short, but on its right side and slightly out to the front stretches a pond. Playing over water always brings a lot of excitement. On the left side there is a small bunker and a large hill.


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